Unstoppable Wasp – The Villain in Her Story? (Spoilers)

Last month’s stand-out issue of The Unstoppable Wasp put lie to the accusation that the character, a whip-smart daughter of Hank Pym, was any kind of ‘Mary Sue’ character. With traits that had been seen as positive in her line of work, being a genius, being dedicated to helping people and finding solutions that others thought impossible, revealed their dark side, a bi-polar manic drive that saw her physically assault her friends. With a comparison to the famous assault on Janet Van Dyne by Hank Pym in the Avengers.

Just as Hank would regret that action as he was expelled from the Avengers, so Nadia Van Dyne is having to take a long hard look at her own life. Coming to one conclusion.

She’s the bad guy. It’s not a conclusion to come to easily. I mean, it’s not as if she wears skulls on her uniform.

Just in case anyone is still unsure about the Punisher. Or Spawn. Or, I don’t know, the Red Skull…

(W) Jeremy Whitley (A) Gurihiru (CA) Stacy Lee
Nadia believed that when A.I.M. attacked her lab, she had reached rock bottom. She was wrong. And now she is finding out that she has more in common with her father than she ever knew. This issue of UNSTOPPABLE WASP will change everything about Nadia’s life.
Rated T+In Shops: Feb 20, 2019
SRP: $3.99

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