Is Detective Comics #1000 the Laziest Midnight Release Variant Cover DC Comics Has Ever Produced?

Naturally, DC Comics are promoting their Midnight Releases at comic shops for Detective Comics #1000 on Tuesday, March 26th. Those participating can also order a new Midnight Release variant cover, featuring the main wraparound cover by Jim Lee and Scott Williams as a ‘virgin’ art cover, turned sideways.

Like so.

Is this the laziest Midnight Release cover DC Comics have ever produced? I rather think it might be.

While Forbidden Planet, in a neat trick, have made the black-and-white variant-of-a-variant cover look even more like their original Forbidden Planet ad by Brian Bolland by adding the speech balloon from that ad, over forty years ago. And they won’t be selling it online, the black-and-white People Like Us Buy Detective Comics #1000 will be store-only. Not on the website…

And as they are doing a midnight release in London, that will also be the first place you can buy Detective Comics #1000. Look out for spoilers on the West Coast from 4pm the day before…




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