Review: Happy Salmon by North Star Games

A while ago I was sent a bunch of games from the awesome people at North Star Games to review, but every time I got a group together for these, plans fell through. Which made me feel bad because the company goes out of their way to make party games for large groups that anyone can join in, young or old. Finally, after months of trying to get some people together on these games, I managed to get a couple locked down, and we started off with Happy Salmon.

The game is pretty basic but can be hectic when you get rolling and turn into rounds of insane fun. Everyone is given a set of cards from the salmon pouch, which you then choose your color and shuffle up your set. The deck we were playing with is set up for eight players, but there is also a 16-player version. Inside each set of cards are a series of actions. High 5, Switcheroo, Pound It, and Happy Salmon. Each one has a specific action that you must do with another person. Everyone stands up and huddles around in a circle, and when play begins, turn your deck over to see the first card.

You will call out what you have to the group and look for someone with that same card. Once you find someone, you both do the action. High 5 and Pound It are pretty easy to get, Switcheroo has you trade places in the circle, and Happy Salmon is a handshake with you reach out and tap the inside of each other’s forearms as you see below. Once you complete a card, pocket it or drop it and move onto the next one, and if you can’t find anyone, slip it to the bottom and move onto the next. The first person to get through all of their cards is the winner.

I find this game to be one of the best action games you can do in a hurry if you just wanna have some fun with a group. This is the kind of card game you take to conventions and you play with people while killing time in a line. A game to do with co-workers on your lunch break. A game to do with your friends when you don’t want to break out a board game and just do something funny and simple. And it makes for a great kids game that’s easy to learn and a fun drinking game for adults. I highly recommend Happy Salmon for your game collection.

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