Riot Games and LVP Unveil League Of Legends’ UK League Championship

League of Legends players in the UK are about to get a brand new competition as LVP revealed the latest entity with Riot Games in the UK League Championship. Both companies are looking to develop more content in the area, both for esports and for broadcasts, and will be doing that starting on February 13th as they establish a new London-based office for operations. Nine teams will face off in a tower competitive format, which will include  Diabolus, Barrage, Enclave, Bulldog, Phelan, MnM Gaming, Darkspawn, Fnatic, and Excel. Basically, every team had to submit a business plan to be a part of this new entity and went through a screening process to be added. We have a few more details for you below, but it will be interesting to see if the UK audience is interested in these new games at all, especially after having the LSC changed a couple months ago to a format that people already seem to be confused over.

Each week teams will attempt to scale the UKLC tower by going head-to-head in a best-of-one knockout tournament. The team that climbs highest will then get to face the previous week’s tower champion. If they’re victorious, they become tower champion and get bragging rights for the next week, along with a bunch of championship points. The Spring Split will span seven weeks, with the top four teams at the end of the regular season moving to forward playoffs and the Grand Final taking place on March 31st. The team who wins will be crowned UK League Champion and will go on to compete in the EU Masters.

The 2019 UKLC season is formed of two splits, which will each feature regular season play, followed by Forge of Champions, and a Promotion tournament. The UKLC will also feature expert analysis and commentary from homegrown British talent in Ciernan ‘Excoundrel’ Lowe, Dan ‘Aux’ Harrison and Jake ‘Hiprain’ Matthews.

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