PUBG Mobile Receives a New Royale Pass Entering Season Five

PUBG Corp. and Tencent Games have officially started Season 5 in PUBG Mobile, kicking things off with a new update that includes a new Royale Pass. As soon as you download the 0.10.5 update from your version’s shop, you’ll immediately see a bunch of new skins and emotes, as well as a new version of the pass to purchase which will grant you access to a couple different things, which we have listed for you here.

credit//PUBG Corp.

· New Royale Pass and Ranked Mode – Players can pick up the Royale Pass Season 5 to experience premium outfits, emotes and participate in the Ranked Mode Season 5 with additional rewards

· New Weapon and Attachment – The MK47 burst and single-fire assault rifle is now available for players along with an all-new laser sight to help reduce spread when firing from the hip

· Classic Voice Commands Are Back – “Get in the car” never sounded so sweet. Players now have the option of selecting “Classic” voice command options in the settings menu

· Gameplay Improvements – Several in-game adjustments and updates have been made for players, including shop adjustments, accessing supplies from the main menu, and much more.

You can see more of what the pass has to offer in the trailer as well. Hopefully, we’ll have word on the next round of competitions as well after everyone’s had a few weeks to add the latest update to the game.

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