Corsair Officially Sponsors Major Esports Team with Team Envy

This week, Corsair announced that they would start a full team sponsorship the esports organization Team Envy, which will include providing their teams gear. Like a lot of sponsorships of this caliber, the company will be provided with the latest gear as it comes out, and will be working with all their teams across multiple games including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Call of Duty, Fortnite, PUBG, Paladins, Rocket League, FIFA, and Street Fighter. Here are a couple quotes from the announcement.


“We’re delighted to partner with a renowned organization like Team Envy with such a championship pedigree,” said Lauren Premo, Director of Gaming Marketing at Corsair. “With this partnership, Corsair will provide high-performance gaming peripherals to help push Envy and Fuel to achieve even greater success and accolades.”

“It’s always a privilege to partner with another industry-leader. For more than two decades, Corsair has been consistently recognized for its innovation and quality products,” said Mike Rufail, owner and CEO at Envy Gaming. “This partnership is another step towards solidifying our position as one of the most-recognized brands in esports.”

It’s not really a shocking deal as Corsair has remained in the esports conversation for the past couple of years, but going with Team Envy this time around is a more high-profile choice. Good on both companies for connecting this way, however, no details were announced as to how long the deal would last. So for all we know this will be a one-year test-run for Corsair to see if putting this much into a team pays off for them.

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