Black Widow #1’s Presents a Defense of Vigilante Murder (SPOILERS)

Like the current Captain America series, Black Widow works as a sequel to Secret Empire–just a really delayed one. And the first issue by the Soska Sisters and Flaviono sees Captain America dealing with his Hail Hydraness–and Black Widow being alive again. After Cap killed her. The other Cap, I mean. And the fact that she is a bit of a killer herself.

Especially when confronted with another version of Captain America who’s also a murderous bad guy. There’s a lot of them around it seems. Which gives Steve Rogers the change to eulogize at length.

So what circumstances may see Black Widow take another life? Well, going to Madripoor, a lawless town away from the USA run by organized crime with no other legal remedies available? Check. Hired by someone to deal with an issue in a very terminal way that, in Madripoor, is not against the law – because there is none? Check. Wearing an eyepatch cos Logan did when he was there? Check.

And a scenario in which innocent children are kidnapped and murdered for the entertainment fo Madripoor’s richest? Check check check.

Will she kill? Will she resist? This is Madripoor, and in the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed woman is queen. Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen, place your bets…

(W) Jen Soska, Sylvia Soska (A) Flaviano (CA) Clayton Crain
Natasha Romanoff was trained to kill. For years now she’s tried to overcome that programming, to side with the angels…to be a hero. And where’d that get her? Killed. By one of the few true friends she allowed herself to have. Now she’s back from the dead, angry as hell and finding those better angels harder and harder to hear. Jen and Sylvia Soska – the Twisted Twins of horror – join rising artist Flaviano to weave a web of vice, violence and vengeance that will net Natasha the biggest bad men she’s ever faced…or put her back in the ground for good.
Rated T+In Shops: Jan 16, 2019
SRP: $3.99

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