Royole Releases the World’s First Bendable Smartphone


Royole’s Flexpai is the world’s first bendable smartphone. Samsung may have rolled out a similar bendable smartphone prototype back in November when Royole first announced the Flexpai, but the Flexpai isn’t a prototype anymore. The company brought out a full version to CES this week that can pre-order it right now.

However, the Flexpai’s $13250 USD price tag and lackluster specs do put a damper on that news.

The phone’s specs include:

  • CPU
    • Model: Qualcomm Snapdragon 855
    • Core: Octa-Core
    • Clock Rate: 2.84GHz
  • Display
    • Dimension: 7.8 in. diagonal
    • Type: Flexible AMOLED
    • Resolution: 1920 x 1440 (expanded mode)
    • Ratio: 4:3 (expanded mode)
    • Pixel Density: 308 PPI
  • Memory
    • RAM: 6 GB/8 GB (Actual formatted capacity less)
    • ROM: 128 GB/256 GB (Actual formatted capacity less)
    • Supported Memory Card: MicroSD
    • Expandable Storage: Up to 256 GB
You can find the full technical specs of the Royale Flexpai here, but they’re nothing special. Add Gizmodo‘s report of the phone’s permanent screen bend and difficulty of actually positioning the phone in its various configurations, and it just seems like a cute gimmick. However, Royole did manage to beat everyone else to the market, and the Flexpai does represent a glimpse into what bendable screen tech can do for us in the future.
It just might not be worth buying at the moment. Royole is hoping the phone will be useful for gaming and entertainment with its overlarge screen. And while large screens do help with everything from gaming to office productivity, we’re not sure how well the Flexpai will hold up on the markets.
Personally, I’m still waiting for the days our phones are made entirely out of graphene.

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