Twentieth Century Fox Try to Register 'Avatar' as Comic Book Trademark

Twentieth Century Fox Try to Register ‘Avatar’ as Comic Book Trademark

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Bleeding Cool is published by Avatar Press, the comic book publisher in Illinois, which recently sold the TV rights to the Warrior Nun comic book to Netflix.

It has been noted a few times that Avatar Press, which began publishing in 1996 shares a name with both the James Cameron movie Avatar of 2010 and the Nickelodeonanimated series Avatar: The Last Airbender from 2005. Well, Avatar movie producers Twentieth Century Fox are wanting to shore up the Avatar name against the release of Avatar 2, planned for December 2020. And are trying to register the word Avatar and a new logo for all manner of products.


Including comic books.

Might m’learned colleagues have something to say about that, do you think?

Here’s a list of the markets that Twentieth Century Fox is trying to lock down for Avatar…

  • Non-medicated cosmetics and toiletry preparations; non-medicated dentifrices; perfumery, essential oils; bleaching preparations and other substances for laundry use; cleaning, polishing, scouring and abrasive preparations; antiperspirants; baby wipes; bath oil and bath salts; beauty masks; body sprays; bubble bath; coloring preparations for cosmetic purposes; cosmetics; cosmetic preparations; decorative transfers and skin jewels for cosmetic purposes; deodorants; detergents for household use; eau de toilette; false eyelashes; flavorings in form of cords, ropes or wicks not waxed that emit fragrance; fragrances; hair care preparations; hair coloring preparations; hair shampoos; hair conditioners; hair spray and hair gel; hair styling preparations; lip balm; lotions, cream, and oil for skin, hair, face and body; make-up preparations; make-up remover; makeup; mouth freshener; nail care preparations; nail polish; non-medicated bath preparations; non-medicated lip preparations; non-medicated skincare preparations; non-medicated sun care preparations; colognes; scented room sprays; shaving cream; shaving gel; skin cleansing creams and washes; soaps; sun tanning preparations; sunless self tanners; sunscreen preparations; toothpaste and mouthwashes
  • Air fresheners; adhesive tape for medical purposes; air deodorant; air purifying preparations; all purpose disinfectants; anti-cavity dental coating preparations containing fluoride; anti-inflammatory sprays, solves and gels; bandages for skin wounds; calcium fortified candy for medical purposes; carpet deodorizers; deodorizing preparations for pet litter boxes; dietary supplements; disposable swim diapers for infants and children; energy boosting supplements; eye patches for medical purposes; first aid kits; food for babies; food supplements; gauze for dressings; herbal supplements; liquid nutritional supplements; medicated anti-cavity dental wash; medicated cosmetics; medicated hair preparations; medicated mouthwash; medicated skin care preparations; medicated sunscreen; medicines; mineral supplements; nutritional supplements; powdered nutritional supplement drink mix; preparations for repelling animals, birds and insects; protein supplements; sanitary towels; sanitizing gels and sprays; sterilizing preparations; vitamins
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  • Leather and imitations of leather; animal skins and hides; luggage and carrying bags; umbrellas and parasols; walking sticks; whips, harness and saddlery; collars, leashes and clothing for animals; all-purpose carrying bags; backpacks; bags; beach bags; briefcases; cosmetic bags and cases sold empty; duffle bags; fanny packs; fashion bags; fitted belts for luggage handbags; key cases of leather or imitation leather; knapsacks; mesh shopping bags; messenger bags; plastic luggage labels; purses; school bags; toiletry bags sold empty; tote bags; trunks and traveling bags; wallets
  • Baby bolsters; baby bouncer seats; baby changing mats; baby walkers; beach chairs; beds for household pets; bird houses; book stands; clothes hangers; clothes hooks not of metal; corks; costume stands; cushions; decorative boxes made of plastic; decorative glitter; display cases for merchandise; display stands; fabric figurines; fabric tissue box covers; figurines and statuettes made of plaster, plastic, wax or wood; fitted furniture covers; fixed napkin dispenser not of metal; fixed towel dispenser not of metal; flagpoles; furniture; hammock stands; hand fans; jewelry organizer displays; ladders of wood or plastic; locks, other than electric, not of metal; looking glasses; mirrors; non-electric fans for personal use; non-metal clips for general use; non-metal curtain rods; non-metal pet tags; non-metal trophies; novelty items in the nature of life-size three-dimensional replicas of motion picture film and television program characters, made of plastic, latex and polyurethane foam; picture frames; pillows; plastic boxes; plastic cake decorations; plastic flags; plastic keychains and plastic keychain tags; plastic name badges; plastic novelty license plates; plastic pennants; portable bath seats; sleeping mats and pads; slumber bags; toy boxes and chests; wind chimes; window blinds
  • Household or kitchen utensils and containers; cookware and tableware, except forks, knives and spoons; combs and sponges; brushes, except paint brushes; brush-making materials; articles for cleaning purposes; unworked or semi-worked glass, except building glass; glassware, porcelain and earthenware; aquariums; artificial aquarium landscapes; beverageware; bottle openers; bottles sold empty; cages for pets; cake servers; cake stands; candle sticks not made of precious metal; candy boxes; canteen; ceramic figurines; ceramic tissue box covers; cocktail sticks; cookie cutters; cookie jars; corkscrews; cups; dental floss; dinnerware; dishes; drinking straws; flower pots; folding boxes for home use; hair brushes; ice cream scoop; ice cube trays; incense burners; indoor terrarium for animals or insects; indoor terrarium for plants; infant bathtubs; inflatable drink holders; insulated containers for food or beverages; lunch bags made of textile; lunch boxes; make-up brushes; metal coin banks; mugs; oven mitts; pet feeding dishes; plates; plastic coasters; recipe boxes; salt and pepper shakers; saucers; thermal insulated wrap for cans to keep the contents cold or hot; toothbrushes; trash basket; trays; vases
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