Cambridge Analytica, the Sequel, in Drone Range of Parliament

This has nothing to do with comics. But around this time every year, I like to have a wander. 

The new Private Eye magazine (the biggest influence on the stuff I write on Bleeding Cool) has just run an article on what they see as the sequel to Cambridge Analytica, the data analysis company caught up in Facebook, Trump and Brexit shenanigans over the last couple of years, and closed earlier this year as a result of press attention, led by the Observer newspaper, the Guardian and Buzzfeed.

They pinpoint two of Cambridge Analytica’s data scientists Dr Tadas Jucikas and Dr Brent Clickard, as doing much of the firm’s pioneering psychographic work. And that long before the firm collapsed, they broke away to other firms, pitched for Trump campaigns, Leave and Remain campaigns, and the ‘Tea Party’ Republican base. But when the Cambridge Analytica spotlight hid, they laid low.

Well, Private Eye has found them working at Disruptive Communications, set up by former UKIP and Vote Leave people. And since I was cycling by it, I thought I’d pop by their Westminster Street offices at 15 Great College Street. Also the home to Kanto election and tech consultancy company, and Drone Wars Systems Ltd.

Never know when it will come in useful.

You may recognise this place.

But turn your head…

Walk down a bit…

Very handy.

Well within drone range on Parliament.


Always worth a little light reading.

They’re having work done…

I wonder what they will find out about me? Aside from the observation that, yes, I really have lost weight since this time last year.


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