Poison Ivy Death on the Cover of Heroes In Crisis #7

It’s been threatened. It’s been feared. It was mentioned in passing by Booster Gold in Heroes In Crisis #2.

It was teased in the suggestion that Harley Quinn would be suffering a major trauma during the series, and the comic showed her in mourning.

On the wall of death in Heroes In Crisis #3.

And now we have that cover for Heroes In Crisis #7 ahead of the release of DC Comics solicitations for March next week.

It is also notable that the symbol she is writing with her own blood on the floor resembles the Flash logo. You may have read rumours about Wally West’s involvement in the whole thing – could his death in Heroes In Crisis #1 have been a feint?

Poison Ivy was created by Robert Kanigher and Sheldon Moldoff in 1966 in Batman #181 as a botanist-turned-supervillain. In recent years she has been reinterpreted by some as an anti-hero, and most recently made part of the Gotham hero set in Batgirl & The Birds Of Prey. Portrayed as a love interest for Batman and Harley Quinn, that latter relationship as a non-monogamous girlfriend of Harley, has seen her one of the most popular DC Comics cosplay characters. Her fanbase has been annoyed of late at the inconsistent way the character has been used in DC Comics titles, a villain in one, a hero in another, a genocidal madwoman in another, but getting killed off in Heroes In Crisis was what many feared.

From the cover above, their fears have been realised.

We’ll find out more on Monday, I guess.

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