The Punisher Season 2: Jon Bernthal Shares a LQ First Image

The Punisher Season 2: Jon Bernthal Shares a LQ First Image

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We got confirmation earlier today that The Punisher is set to return for its second season earlier today. That isn’t that far away and thus far we’ve had no trailer or any indication about what this second season is even going to be about. Now that we have a month we’ll probably get some more details very soon. Star Jon Bernthal shared what appears to be a new image from the second season on his instagram.

No one is really sure what to expect from this second season. It was announced long before Netflix and Marvel started canceling all of the Marvel TV shows so it was always going to happen. The same is also true for Jessica Jones which we will also see next year.

There is a very good chance that The Punisher is also going to get canceled after this second season which could impact whether or not people tune into this season. If they know the show is likely going to get canceled then why bother to watch this next season? Why bother to watch Jessica Jones season three when it gets released? These shows aren’t cheap to make and we wonder if Netflix and Marvel just shot themselves in the foot when it comes to these two final shows.

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