Is There a Post-Credit Scene in Aquaman? (No Spoilers)

Is There a Post-Credit Scene in Aquaman? (No Spoilers)

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I’ve just run a review for Aquaman, but this is the thing I always get asked. So I thought I’d clarify. No spoilers.

After the end of the film proper, there is a mid-credits scene that provides some resolution to one of the plot threads left dangling in the movie.

But, this is a Warners DCEU movie, not a Marvel Studios Movie. While you will see Geoff Johns credited up top for writing and production roles, and Paul Norris and Mort Weisinger credited for creating the character, if you sit through the whole credits you will see a ‘Thanks’ credit for comic book creators Peter David, Ramona Fradon, Ivan Reis, Joe Prado and more.

But. There is no end-of-credits scene. You want to go? Go. You won’t miss anything… trident or no.

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