Everything You Knew About ‘Spider-Man No More’ Was Wrong Too

From Amazing Spider-Man #50 to #52 in 1967, courtesy of Stan Lee and John Romita, Peter Parker gave it all up. Spider-Man No More… because he got no respect no matter how many people he saved.

So when he threw his costume in the garbage, a kid found it and brought it to the Daily Bugle’s  J. Jonah Jameson. And withut Spider-Man, a new Kingpin of Crime arose…

Obviously it all got better., And Peter Parker returned to claim his name. But alongside the origin of the Fantastic Four’s powers, Marvel is looking to revisit and rewrite this storyline too…

More to come no doubt. Who was really behind the Gamma Bomb? Iron Man’s tech? Daredevil’s accident?

Hmmm… this couldn’t be Marvel’s version of The Supermen Theory over in Doomsday clock, could it?

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