Sarah Gordon is Going to Burn an Owl to Create Vicious Creatures Graphic Novel

Sarah Gordon is Going to Burn an Owl to Create Vicious Creatures Graphic Novel

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Vicious Creatures is a collection of horror comics that London comic book creator Sarah Gordon has been working on for a couple of years.

Short, bloody little tales, exploring the darker side of being human (with some magic, a couple of ghosts, and several crows added for good measure), the book will be full-colour, approx 6″x 8″, soft-bound, and over 180 pages long.

Like that, Half the book has been drawn – but it’s the other half that will hit the headlines. She writes,

It turns out some of the oldest ink recipes use ash as a key ingredient. Paper ash works well, which is handy. I’ve made some test batches of ash-ink, and the results are looking pretty good! So: I’d like backers to write me short messages – their hopes, fears, frustrations, even puns (if you really must) they want to see burned and transformed into ink I will use to help draw the rest of the book. I’ll be collecting these once the Kickstarter has ended. There will be an email and a physical address to send things to. I will let you know more when the time comes.

And the Kickstarter amount comes into this, with the weirdest stretch goals I have ever seen in a comic book Kickstarter, And I have seen some weird ones.

If we hit the initial target of £6000 (that’s just under $7860 USD for the non-brits), I will be doing this using a fire urn. However, if we hit one of the earlier stretch goals (£6666), I’ll get fancy and build a wooden/wicker/generally-made-out-of-something-flammable-owl effigy, fill it with your word donations, and torch it on a bonfire (which I will document and show to you all). I will then use the ashes to help make the ink I need for the book.

The total has doubled that. She is going to burn the owl.

It’s not… it’s not a real owl. I hope… but is she gets to £15,000…

I’ll make a crown for our owl effigy before it is burned. Hail the dying and returning owl king!

This is what happens at the beginning of a horror story, yes? Before all of London gets sucked into a Hellmouth? Twist… it already happened thirty-seven years ago…


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