Bethesda Softworks’ Website Leaks Personal Information in Fallout 76

As if things couldn’t get any worse for Bethesda Softworks, a new website leak has released the personal information of Fallout 76 players to other players. The word came out from several players (which gained traction on Reddit) who had filed complaint tickets about the game were starting to receive additional emails from the company’s server containing other player’s complaint tickets. All of which contained those player’s personal account information. The leak was traced back to Bethesda’s website which had a great vulnerability exposed and has now left thousands of players online more enraged than they already were before over the game, according to social media posts.

Fallout 76 announcement photo

Bethesda released this statement about the issue below, indicating that it does not appear to be a hacking job or a purposeful act, but more along the lines of something faulty happening to their ticket system. No word yet on how many people’s information was revealed to other players, nor did Bethesda comment on when it would be fixed. But of all the times to have something else go wrong with your game, the complaint system couldn’t have chosen a worse time to break.

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