The Gifted Season 2 Episode 8: ‘the dreaM’ Recap

The Gifted Season 2 Episode 8: ‘the dreaM’ was one of those episodes that just punches you in the gut throughout the entire runtime. This episode focuses on Lorna’s backstory, and has a flashback back to her and Marcos seven months earlier. They’re talking about their parents, and Lorna reveals how much she hates her birth father — they never once call him Magneto — for leaving her behind. Lorna and Marcos promise not to be their parents, and want to do better for their own child in the future.

In the present day, the Inner Circle is running away after robbing a bank where Rebecca just slaughtered (as we find out later in the episode) 37 people. Lorna wants her gone, and Rebecca leaves. Andy seems pretty gutted about her leaving and calls her killing that entire room a “mistake”. Lorna isn’t hearing any of that and says that she doesn’t belong. Rebecca takes off and Lorna leaves her behind.

The Strucker family has their own set of problems. Reed’s powers are still out of control and the only place they can think to take him is to a former research assistant of his father’s. It doesn’t appear that they know what Andy was involved in as far as the Inner Circle is concerned.

The Gifted Season 2 Episode 8: 'the dreaM'


The Mutant Underground is not fairing much better. The city is blowing up with all sorts of violence against mutants, including a foster home getting burned to the ground. John wants to go out and find the Inner Circle right now but Clarice thinks that is a terrible idea considering what they just did to an entire room full of people. John heads out anyway, Clarice reluctantly following him saying that you shouldn’t do suicidal things alone, while Marcos needs to stay behind and try to rally the other Underground stations.

They arrive at the college and Reed does his best to sweet talk his way in to see Risman, but the security guard isn’t letting him in. She eventually comes down the stairs and invites Reed to come in when she sees that his powers have returned. Risman explains that she can help Reed, and that for some mutants, their powers can be very painful. She is trying to find a way to help with powers that are more destructive and hard to control. Risman compares what she does to a diabetic needing insulin and finally having control over one’s body. She believes with Lauren’s genetic code helping, they can help Reed.

Back at the Inner Circle headquarters, we find out that Reeva, Phoboe, and Sophie are out in the city looking for Rebecca. Sage says that she could “ruin everything” but Reeva is likely out for blood. She promised Quinn, the man she used to get into the bank, that he would make it through this alive and Rebecca ruined that. Esme is clearly worried and when Andy asks what will happen to Rebecca if they find her and Esme says “that’s up to Reeva”.

Clarice is not happy to be out and about with her noticeable mutations and people are basically rioting. John insists on tracking and he begins to follow Rebecca’s movements the best he can since he thinks she knows something. He has no idea, at this point, that she’s the one who killed all of those people.

Esme finds Lorna who is not a happy camper. She no longer believes that Dawn is safe at the Inner Circle or anywhere now that the world is attacking mutants in the streets. She asks Esme if she honestly believes that they can keep Dawn safe and Esme can’t bring herself to lie. We get a flashback to thirteen-year-old Lorna pulling nails out of fences and throwing them at trees with her powers. It’s her birthday and her aunt is here to find her. Her aunt doesn’t want her using her powers because it’ll just attract more attention to her. They go back to the house and Lorna finds a present waiting for her. It’s a metal pendant in the shape of Magneto’s symbol. There is a note that says “To Lorna, My North Star”. She hides the disc from her aunt and keeps it but rips the note up in anger.



THE GIFTED: L-R: Stephen Moyer and Amy Acker in the "the dreaM" episode of THE GIFTED airing Tuesday, Nov. 27 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Annette Brown/FOX.

Lorna is refusing to let Dawn out of her sight and Esme appears in the training room with a plan. Esme tells Lorna about the foster home getting burned down and that they are still looking for survivors. She has found a place for Dawn to go, a school where mutants can be safe, but it’s in Switzerland. Esme says that she is very attached to Dawn and implores Lorna to think about it.

Back at the college, Risman has a way to treat Reed and stop the attacks but it is only a temporary solution. Lauren meets Noah, Risman’s lab tech, who takes blood from her. He explains how Risman helped him control his mutant powers so he could live a “normal life”. Lauren seems to balk a little at the idea of being normal but still allows Noah to take the blood.

John and Clarice are continuing to track Rebecca but her powers are really throwing Clarice off. She can feel the differences in the energy where she ports when Rebecca has been nearby. Rebecca has stolen a car and left a body in wake once again leaving something that looks straight out of Preacher.

We get another Lorna flashback where she is at a bar and a guy hits on her. She wrecks his car and gets arrested. Her aunt bails her out and asks why she’s so angry. Lorna wants to know why she was able to get out of jail with virtually no consequences and her aunt tells her that these questions are dangerous. Back in the present Marcos is doing his best to get the other Underground stations on board when Lorna shows up with Dawn.

Risman has the Strucker family over for dinner and she shows them a relic from the original Strucker twins that Reed’s father could part with but couldn’t keep either. It’s a music box and Risman says that she thinks they can succeed.

Lorna tells him that she’s sending Dawn away for her own safety. They fight about it, with Marcos accusing her of lighting the world on fire and only now worrying that Dawn might get burned in the process. He wants to keep her with him but Lorna insists that he can’t keep her safe any better than she can. Marcos reminds of how much Lorna hated her father for doing what they are about to do but Lorna says she would rather Dawn grow up hating her than not at all. She asks him to say goodbye and he asks how he’s supposed to when he doesn’t know her.


The Gifted Season 2 Episode 8: 'the dreaM'

Lorna gives Marcos some time with Dawn but she eventually says that they need to leave. They touch, and the Aurora Borealis form from their powers. He tells her that Dawn deserves to be with family and Lorna leaves. She stands outside the door and hears Marcos scream in anguish and flip a table in rage.

Risman reveals that while Reed is doing better, to save his life they need to suppress his powers permanently. Noah takes Lauren out around and campus and continues to pitch to her the idea of having a normal life. She seems a bit taken by the idea but still reluctant.

Clarice and John find Rebecca who tells them what she knows about the Inner Circle’s plans. John seems to think that Rebecca isn’t the one who hurt the aunt’se in the bank. She tells them that the Inner Circle wanted information on something called “Regimen”. She takes off after warning to stay away.

We find Lorna at her aunts house. It turns out that she did take Marcos advice and is going to leave Dawn with family. She has realized why she was in the middle of nowhere, so hidden because Magneto was trying to keep her safe. Now Lorna has also realized that she needs to do the same thing for her own daughter. She gives her aunt the rattle that Marcos made for her and as she leaves Lorna says “tell her I’ll come back for her someday and tell her that she’s special.”

What follows were several scenes over a musical montage. We see Clarice telling John that he needs to stop acting immortal. We see Noah reveal to Lauren that the true intentions of Risman’s work is to eliminate the x-gene entirely but that this work is the only thing that can save her dad’s life. Risman’s brother founded the Purifers, and technology like that could give them a huge leg up against the mutants. We see Andy react to the blood being taken out of Lauren’s arm. We see Rebecca trying to stay away but she is caught by Fade. Marcos gets two texts from unknown numbers; one says “she is loved” and the second is a picture of Dawn. We see Clarice look sadly as John obsessively tries to find more information. Lorna looks at the disc her father gave her and she begins to mold it. She uses the disc to form the classic tiara from the comics as she emerges from the shadows.

She has truly accepted her legacy and intends to fight.

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