Rob Williams' Writer's Commentary on Project Superpowers #4

A Writer's Commentary from Rob Williams on Project Superpowers #4, on sale now from Dynamite.

PGS 1-3
One of the themes of this Project Superpowers story is that these are heroes out of time. They came from the 40s, they fought in D-Day against the Nazis, and they sacrificed for a war they felt was worth dying for, losing loved ones for. But now, in the modern day — they don't know if a better world came of it. The bad guys are harder to spot. So are the heroes.

So part of the book was giving them a situation where the world can be binary again. Where there is a bad guy who needs stopping, there is something worth sacrificing your life for. A good fight. That's where superheroes work best.

This scene is Diana Adams — Masquerade — the day before they shipped out on the invasion fleet to Normandy in 1944. A day filled with heroes. Some of whom didn't make it. I guess I'm trying to give a foreboding air for our story too in the same action. Not all our cast are going to make it out of this one alive.

PGS 4-5
Sergio Davila draws great superhero fight scenes. And our colorist, Ulises Arreola, really compliments him.

PG 6
The possessed Death-Defying Devil gets smashed to pieces with a hospital bed but still talks his ominous dialogue. As Black Terror says here: "Uh… dude? What the hell are you talking out of?"

PGS 7&8
Sergio dropped me an email asking if we could do a double paged spread so this ISN'T ME BEING MEAN TO THE ARTIST! Honest. Scarab attacking P:Andora's orbiting invasion space fleet seemed the widescreen place for a DPS. And his dialogue "I think I am going to die here." This is all overwhelming odds, David vs Goliath, building the sense of dread stuff, hopefully.

PG 10
Again, a really nicely done bit of superheroics powering up here. And Simon Bowland's lettering really adds that extra umph where necessary.

PG 11
P:Andora, our big bad — who has been searching the universe for eons looking for his 'box' — HAS to look terrifying and imposing and Sergio pulls that offs here. For a start he's around 25 feet tall, and he looks a right nasty git.

PG 13
Do like these little sequential sequences? Our 'camera' stays in one place and The Scarab, depowered and floating away to die, getting further and further away from us.

PG 14
Samson, carnage, ranting. Plainly a bit mad. He has decided the alien invasion fleet are 'non-readers' and should therefore be punished. Quite right too.

PG 16
Samson doing the big superhero landing bit. Guilty pleasure.

PG 18
P:Andora comes to Manhattan, finally. If you're doing a big widescreen superhero battle, and commenting, ever so slightly, about the nature of superheroes in today's world, the setting had to be Manhattan. That's where superheroes belong, amidst the skyskrapers. Something about reaching to the skies, there. A city where people naturally look up. Again, that's a theme here. "People of the world, look up!" we said in issue one. Everyone's looking down at their smartphones when you walk around these major cities. And above them are the most amazing wonders. A sense of awe is part of what superheroes are.

PG 20
Big giant-sized bad guy. Uh-oh. Now they're in trouble.

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