DC Universe Announces the Premiere Date for Young Justice: Outsiders

The DC Universe streaming service has been putting out original content for a little over a month now. The service appears to be working under the assumption that they want new content added to the service every week. This is why a show like Titans, despite paced like a show you would binge watch in one sitting, is getting a weekly release. It looks like they are going to continue this pattern.

Today DC shared a new video for the next season of Young Justice called Young Justice: Outsiders. In that video, we got a release date of January 4th which is one week after the final episode of the first season of Titans is set to air.

Young Justice was on the air for two seasons between 2010 and 2013. It was a show with an extremely devoted fanbase but there were rumors that the show was canceled for less than stellar reasons. One of them was that a good majority of the fanbase were women and they weren’t buying toys.

However, the landscape of superheroes has changed considerably since 2013 and bringing back beloved canceled shows for a streaming service is a great way to get people to sign up. Disney is doing it with Disney+ and Star Wars: The Clone Wars and DC is doing it with Young Justice. The idea is that you bring in established fans with a property they already love and then they stay once you’ve hooked them in. Or they forget and/or are too lazy to cancel.

The next season of Young Justice will start airing on the DC Universe streaming service on January 4th.

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