Thief Simulator Tops Steam's Bestseller List This Weekend

Thief Simulator Tops Steam’s Bestseller List This Weekend

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Noble Muffins and PlayWay’s Thief Simulator debuted only a few days ago and it has already hit the top of Steam’s bestseller list, which is a pretty awesome achievement for a sim.

The premise of Thief Simulator is exactly what you’d expect. Players free roam sandbox neighborhoods, observe their targets, gather information that will help them, and rob the neighborhood blind. Of course, some houses will be better protected than others, and you can purchase better equipment to take on the tougher marks.

However, the simulator is far from as simple as it seems at first glance. Players will have limited space in their backpacks to store stolen goods, so they’ll need to prioritize. Players will also need to turn off GPS trackers, disconnect smart devices from the internet, and erase serial numbers to sell phones and tablets in the local pawn shop. If you steal a car; be prepared to disassemble it and sell the parts on the internet. How the game teaches you to hotwire cars is a bit beyond me, but given the amount of realism in the sim, you might actually have to learn how to properly hijack vehicles.

So if you’ve ever wanted a crash course on how to steal everything your neighbors love, Thief Simulator is here to help out.

You can find more details on Thief Simulator‘s Steam page. Or you can take a gander at the launch trailer below.

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