Michelle Yeoh in Talks to Star in Her Own Star Trek Spinoff

CBS is looking to take use the Star Trek brand to its fullest. Star Trek Discovery is set to return next months and an already announced Captain Picard spinoff you would think there would be plenty of material out there. It sounds like they’re going with the same strategy as Marvel and DC and throwing a lot at the wall so they can see what sticks. Deadline is reporting that Michelle Yeoh is in early talks to have her own spinoff series in the role of Captain Emperor Georgiou.

Captain Georgiou is already set to return for the second season of Discovery but, Deadline speculates, this is a pretty easy pitch when it comes to a solo series because it could focus on “adventures in Starfleetโ€™s Section 31 division. The semi-secret and autonomous organization has been a part of Trek lore since it was first introduced in the 1990s on the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine series.” Yeoh shared a picture from season 2 on her instagram last month.

This is very much in the early planning stages and is one of many Trek related projects that CBS is potentially working on. Yeoh’s busy schedule could be the thing that keeps this project from getting off of the ground. Crazy Rich Asians was just a giant hit for Warner Bros. so you know they’re going to want to make as many movies from that series as possible.

CBS declined to comment.

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