Iceland's Christmas TV Ad Banned in the UK Over Politics

Iceland’s Christmas TV Ad Banned in the UK Over Politics

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In Britain, you aren’t allowed to run political ads on the television. Before elections, political parties get scheduled ‘Political Party Broadcasts’ at set times for free, but aside from that, it’s meant to be a politics-free zone. Charities often have to skirt this guideline when appealing for various causes, but it doesn’t usually affect supermarkets.

Until UK supermarket Iceland launched their Christmas campaign in a marked difference from their usual reality TV star commercial hawking a variety of cheap frozen party foods. This one has been banned from TV for breaching political advertising rules.

Earlier this year, Iceland became the first major UK supermarket ban the use of palm oil in its own-brand food and products, on the back of habitat loss contributing to orangutans becoming a critically endangered species.

And for Christmas, did a deal with Greenpeace over an animated short film demonstrating this, and branding it for Iceland.

But Clearcast, who vet TV ads before they are broadcast, stated it was in breach the UK 2003 Communications Act, prohibiting ads that are “directed towards a political end”.

However, where it can’t get on television, the news has given it quite the boost online…

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