Bungie Addresses Loading Times for Destiny 2, Promises Improvements

Bungie Addresses Loading Times for Destiny 2, Promises Improvements

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If you’ve been playing Destiny 2 lately, chances are you’ve noticed it’s been a lot harder to get a match rolling ever since Forsaken was added to the game. Bungie has seen the results and heard your complaints, so they’ve decided to address the matter. In the latest blog post from the company, they’ll be looking specifically at fixing the loading times between matchmaking and getting you into games faster. When it will happen is an entirely different matter, but according to the info below, it should happen by Season 5.

Destiny 2

Engineer Ben Thompson: We have been paying close attention to reports of long load times on console and are working on improvements to reduce these load times. Let’s break down three distinct performance issues that we are looking into (each with different contributing factors):

-Starting up the game, signing on, and selecting your character.
-Loading into activities and traveling throughout a destination.
-Loading the player inventory screen and switching between UI tabs.

In the upcoming Season 5 update, you should see significant improvements loading into activities and traveling throughout a destination. We’ve been bringing new content, bug fixes, and patches at a cadence more frequent than we had previously accounted for. That cadence of patching has translated into some unexpected overhead within the code that is responsible for loading data into the game. All that being said, loading from Orbit into the EDZ should be reduced from over two minutes down to just over one minute and we’re eager to see how things pan out in the wild.

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