Mike Myers Reprises Dr. Evil for ‘Tonight Show’ Election Skit

Bohemian Rhapsody‘s Mike Myers revived a pop culture icon in advance of today’s election on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Despite the last Austin Powers film released 16 years ago, Myers, who played the title character, has made the occasional appearance as Powers’ arch nemesis, Dr. Evil. The timing of the appearances  relates to contemporary politics stemming from the character’s return on Saturday Night Live three years ago and a prior appearance on The Tonight Show, seven months ago.

While the primary jabs have made light of the GOP, the focus of last night’s return focused on Dr. Evil deciding to run for Congress. Instead of running as a Democrat or Republican, he’ll opt to run as an “Eviltarian.” Aside from the reference to Donald Trump, Jr. as part of Evil’s five-point plan, the tone was decidedly neutral underlining the difficult polarizing times we live in while attempting to win the audience over with a “Make America Evil Again,” spoofing Trump’s campaign slogan.

The bit ran a bit longer with some awkwardness in between as Myers and Jimmy Fallon reached at times for a few forced, polite laughs, a common staple during their respective SNL runs.
Never too shy from trying to fit as many pop culture references, Dr. Evil referred himself as “White Cory Booker” and mentioned Tide pods, Fortnite, the Shiggy Challenge, and the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearings.

Dr. Evil’s five-point plan includes making Screaming Dill Pickle the only flavor of Pringles; appoint Trump, Jr. to be Secretary of the Treasury because he looks like he’s made of dough; legalizing marijuana, increasing ad time before a user can skip prior to a YouTube video, and changing the national anthem to “Johny Johny Yes Papa.”

Mike, can you just make Austin Powers 4 already?!

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