Brian Posehn Remembers Writing Deadpool in Memoir, Forever Nerdy

Forever Nerdy: Living My Dorky Dreams and Staying Metal is the first memoir volume by comedian, actor, and writer Brian Posehn, with a foreword by Patton Oswalt.

He’s also known for writing Deadpool with Gerry Duggan for Marvel Comics, and that gets a mention in the book.

He writes:

In 2011 my friend Gerry Duggan and I began cowriting the popular Marvel comic Deadpool. My history with the character went back to the beginning. I knew of him from X-Force by Rob Liefeld. I loved what writers Joe Kelly and Gail Simone did with the character. They nailed the manic voice and actions of the unkillable Merc with a Mouth. Deadpool has the best fans in the comic business: voracious and loyal, DP cosplayers are super-popular sights at Comic- Cons around the world. Women even cosplay as a character we created, Shiklah, in the forty-five issues we cowrote.

We got the Deadpool gig because Gerry and I had a minor success in comic book writing. In the early 2000s Gerry and I had created The Last
Christmas together as a script. Santa Claus after the apocalypse fighting zombies. People loved our script, but no one wanted to pull the trigger. So we did what our friend Steve Niles had done with 30 Days of Night: he had failed to sell it as a script, so he wrote it as a comic book and sold it as a movie for a lot of money. We recently sold The Last Christmas too. Not for a lot of money, though.

The book is available now in the USA and in the UK with the following solicit:

Brian Posehn is a successful and instantly recognizable comedian, actor, and writer. He also happens to be a giant nerd. That’s partly because he’s been obsessed with such things as Dungeons & Dragons, comic books, and heavy metal since he was a child; the other part is because he fills out every bit of his 6’7” frame. Brian’s always felt awkward and like a perpetual outsider, but he found his way through the difficulties of growing up by escaping into the worlds of Star Wars, D&D, and comics, and by rocking his face off. He was a nerd long before it was cool (and that didn’t help his situation much), but his passions proved time and again to be the safe haven he needed to persevere and thrive in a world in which he was far from comfortable.

Brian, now balls deep in middle age with a wife, child, and thriving career, still feels like an outsider and is as big a nerd as ever. But that’s okay, because in his five decades of nerdom he’s discovered that the key to happiness is not growing up. You can be a nerd forever and find success that way. because somehow along the way the nerds won.

Forever Nerdy is a celebration of growing up nerdy and different. This isn’t Brian’s life story, just some bizarre and hilarious stories from his life, along with a captivating look back at nearly fifty years of nerd culture. Being a nerd hasn’t always been easy, but somehow this self-hating nerd who suffered from depression was able to land his dream job, get the girl, and learn to fit in. Kind of. See how he did it while managing to remain forever nerdy.

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