You Won’t Have Map Voting Options on Battlefield V at Launch

Add another item to the ever-growing list of stuff you won’t have in Battlefield V when the game is finally launched in a couple weeks. The news comes from the game’s official Reddit thread in which the developers have been having an open conversation with their fanbase about all of the options that will be in the game as people poke and pry for any kind of information leading to the game’s debut. In the conversation, someone straight-up asks “Is map voting between rounds in Battlefield V?” To which Matthias Wagner, the game’s Level Designer briefly says, “Unfortunately, this will not be available at launch.”

credit//Electronic Arts

Week after week it seems like there’s a ton of content that EA DICE and Electonic Arts as a whole should have addressed with fans early on and now we’re only slowly finding out about them now as we get closer to the November 15th launch date. It’s making people wonder just what kind of game we’re going to get, and whether or not EA should have held back on releasing it until it was a much more completed game. We’ll see if anything else has been left out in the days to come.

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