So Why Didn't Reed Richards Tell Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm They Were Alive? (Marvel 2-In-One #11 Spoilers)

So Why Didn’t Reed Richards Tell Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm They Were Alive? (Marvel 2-In-One #11 Spoilers)

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At the end of Secret Wars, Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm returned to Earth but believed Reed Richards, Susan Storm, Franklin Richards, Valeria Richards, Alex Power and rest of the Future Foundation were dead. And mourned them. In their own way.

Katie Power knew but she chose not to tell anyone, because she is clearly growing up to be a horrible child.

And it seemed that in today’s Marvel 2-In-One #11, Reed Richards was giving his reason for not letting Ben and Johhny know that they were all alive because, basically, he didn’t want to bother them and thought they would be bored by all their universe-creating stuff.

Well, then he sat down and gave the real reason. He wanted to give Doctor Doom a break.

Now, Doctor Doom did indeed reform after Secret Wars. He became the Infamous Iron Man, and recently reverted to his Doom look. But despite everyone’s suspicion, was acting the hero, or at least doing his best, Until his face got busted up again of course and now it looks like all cards are on the table.

But with Reed Richards back, will that be a cue for Doom to go all… Doomy again?

Or is there something else that may help prevent that?

(W) Chip Zdarsky (A) Ramon K. Perez (CA) Paul Renaud
• But there’s fallout from their absence, both in the universe and in the family. The THING and MISTER FANTASTIC go on a voyage to rectify mistakes and heal wounds.
• But is it too late?
Rated T In Shops: Oct 31, 2018 SRP: $3.99

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