Juan José Ryp Posts About Leaving Britannia

I mostly know Juan José Ryp through his work for Bleeding Cool’s publisher, Avatar Press. Drawing the adaptation of Frank Miller‘s Robocop, and Warren Ellis‘ books No Hero, Alan Moore’s Yuggoth Cultures and Black Summer. But he also found success at Marvel Comics on Wolverine before being headhunted by ex-Marvel editor Warren Simmons for Valiant Entertainment as an exclusive creator, working on Ninjak, Eternal Warrior and Britannia.

Warren is no longer at Valiant, part of the mini-exodus from the publisher that followed their purchase by Chinese investment company DMG. And now it seems Ryp is joining that move.

UPDATE: Nope, that may be what he said, or how everyone interpreted it as being said but no. IT’s just Britannia he is saying goodbye to. More from Valiant to come.

He posted to Facebook, UPDATE: But has now deleted…

Almost everything has a beginning and an end. In VALIANT, my current home, I have made some really fun pages. (BRITANNIA, issue # 3, page # 1)

Any other publishers interested? Now might be a good time..

UPDATE: Nope, he’s still a Valiant boi…

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