Marvel Comics Getting Later – Black Order, Captain Marvel, Wolverine, Ms Marvel and Ironheart

Black Order #1 was originally planned to be published on the 7th of November. Well, those bad boys of Thanos have been using the Time Stone clearly and the comic has slipped forward five weeks to the 12th of December.

They are not alone in this kind of schedule-shuffling-shilly-shallying. Life Of Captain Marvel #5, due to set the new status quo for the character has moved forward four weeks from the 14th November to the 12th December.

In comparison, and considering other slippages, Fantastic Four #6’s change is but a blip, shifting from the 9th of January to the 16th.

Ms Marvel #37, due to health issues for the creative team, has moved from the 12th December to the 16th January. No issue was solicited for January, this is why.

We previously reported on Return Of Wolverine issues slipping and, yes, the final issue #5 slips from 30th January into February 6th, though just a week again, and only 3 weeks after #4 is out.

And Ironheart #3 has also slipped out of January from January the 30th to February 13th…

Will Ironheart #4 skip February solicitation as a result?

However it can work in the other direction, the Venom Annual #1 intended to be released on the 21st November has jumped forward a week to the 14th…

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