Isola TPB Vol 1 at Barnes & Noble Has an Exclusive 10 Page Prologue

The first collection of Brenden Fletcher, Karl Kerschl and Michele Assarasakorn‘s Isola was published in trade paperback yesterday from Image Comics. For a very reasonable $9.99. A perfect stopgap for those suffering from Saga withdrawal syndrome and who have a bleak year or waiting ahead. And a few comic book stores had exclusive covers as well.

Forbidden Planet of London and Big Bang Comics of Dublin has this exclusive cover and signed bookprint.

Travelling Man has one for all their stores in the North of the UK.

Vault Of Midnight have one for their stores across Michigan.


But if you wait until October 30th and buy it from Barnes & Noble, you’ll get 16 pages of extras, including a ten-page prologue available nowhere else.

Brendan describes it thus;

The prologue sets up the conflict at the heart of Isola while offering insight into the paths the queen and her future captain were on before they intersected. We see critical moments in the relationship of Olwyn and her brother Asher, and a little of Rook’s life in the field, serving in the Circle Guard. But maybe the most intriguing part of the prologue is that it offers very strong hints at what’s to come in later volumes—there’s a character introduced in those pages who doesn’t otherwise appear in the first volume, but plays a very important part in the overall tale. I’m really excited for people to come back to this prologue story in time, and recall how that character and these events set the plot in motion.

Naturally, the exclusive content aspect, as opposed to exclusive covers, have irked some. Such as Adam Pottier of Kingston Gaming Nexus in Ontario, Canada.

And you thought Canadians couldn’t get irked…

(W) Brenden Fletcher, Karl Kerschl (A/CA) Karl Kerschl, Msassyk
An evil spell has been cast on the Queen of Maar, and her Captain of the Guard will do anything to reverse it. Their only hope lies on an island half a world away-a place known in myth as Isola, land of the dead.

Gotham Academy creators BRENDEN FLETCHER and KARL KERSCHL reunite with series colorist MSASSYK and letterer ADITYA BIDIKAR for a breathtaking fantasy adventure two decades in the making.

Recommended for fans of Studio Ghibli and the work of Hayao Miyazaki.

Collects ISOLA #1-5  SRP: $9.99

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