Treyarch Has Upgraded Black Ops 4 Servers After Player Uproar

After being put on blast on Reddit this week for having less than stellar matches, Treyarch has upgraded the Black Ops 4 servers. The uproar started yesterday when a player sat down and measured the server response on their PC when it came to playing a match of Blackout. As you can see from the image below, the server does relatively well until things start getting heavy for the player in the middle of combat, at which point the server starts taking a nosedive that it doesn’t really recover from. Treyarch responded to the post after several others had confirmed going through the same problems.


We’re constantly working to optimize the game, and particularly network performance, to ensure the highest quality online experience for our players. For a game launch with as massive a population as ours hitting so many global servers at once, we configure our infrastructure to ensure game stability as the highest priority over all other factors.

After which, the server response and tick rate seem to have improved drastically, and it looks like the Black Ops 4 community has noticed. However, Treyarch says that this will be part of a plan to fix things over a two week period, so hopefully, it only gets better from here.

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