NYCC Goss: Will We Get More Wolverine Mini-Series Before an Ongoing?

NYCC Goss: Will We Get More Wolverine Mini-Series Before an Ongoing?

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The Return Of Wolverine is meant to be finishing in January, but will probably slip into February. Everyone presumed it will continue with a new Wolverine ongoing series, probably written by Charles Soule, unless he chooses that moment to quit the character.

But at New York Comic Con there was quite the discussion of continuing with a new themed mini-series. So we had The Hunt For Wolverine and The Return of Wolverine.

I know a Dark Knight who used those titles for two of his books.

Could we have Wolverine Triumphant and Wolverine Falls to complete the set? And why run a new ongoing series when Wolverine seems to do better in mini-form and gets a new #1 bump every few months?

Either way, I am also told not to expect Charles Soule to be writing Wolverine going forward… he is indeed choosing that moment to step off writing the character.

We ran a whole bunch of comic book gossip that spun out of New York Comic Con regarding DC Comics last week. Well, it seems that the Marvel scuttlebutt took a little longer to make it back across the pond, probably going surface mail I suppose. Anyway, it has been filtered out with big nets and we should be able to run some of it over the day.  Catch up with more of the Marvel post-NYCC rumourmongering using this tab…



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