NYCC Goss: What's Up With The Inhumans Then?

NYCC Goss: What’s Up With The Inhumans Then?

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I was told, by people who talked about such things at New York Comic Con, not to expect any new Inhumans comic book in 2019. That a  number had been commissioned, written and in some cases even drawn, but have now been pulled before they were even announced.

Basically, that it wasMs Marvel, Moon Girl and that’s your lot. And they are only technically Inhumans books, they rarely hang out in Attilan or anything. The Death Of The Inhumans seems to be holding.

Well, that’s one spin. The other one is that no, Marvel aren’t going to leave that many books unpublished, and this could come from certain people’s pitches being rejected. And that coming out of Death Of Inhuman, Marvel will be publishing new Inhumans books in the new reality that this series leaves their universe in.

Two men say they’re Jesus, one of them’s gotta be wrong. My gut tells me to go with the latter.

Marvel gave their Inhumans a big push in recent years as an alternative to the mutants of the -Men, so as not to promote the movies and TV shows that Fox has the license to, which saw a number of mutant books cancelled and replaced with Inhumans lead titles, while Marvel TV pushed Inhumans into the SHIELD TV show and their own ABC TV Show, in an attempt to make a new Game Of Thrones-style media property. Instead, it crashed and burned. And now Disney is buying Fox so all those issues look to go away.

However, for the three or four Inhumans fans still out there, I am told that the man who wrote the Death Of The Inhumans, Donny Cates, will be bringing whichever Inhumans are left after his slaughter in his upcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy book with Geoff Shaw. I am also told to expect them to appear in Dan Slott‘s new run on the Fantastic Four. And then it’s full speed ahead again.

And rumours that certain Inhumans characters will be re-revealed to be mutants, such as Quake, is bollocks. However, I would look to reversed-mutants like Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and Squirrel Girl and see what happens there.

We ran a whole bunch of comic book gossip that spun out of New York Comic Con regarding DC Comics last week. Well, it seems that the Marvel scuttlebutt took a little longer to make it back across the pond, probably going surface mail I suppose. Anyway, it has been fished from the trawlers and we should be able to run some of it over the day.  Catch up with more of the Marvel post-NYCC rumourmongering using this tab…

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