Doctor Who and Assassin’s Creed With Titan at MCM London Comic Con

Doctor Who and Assassin’s Creed With Titan at MCM London Comic Con

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MCM London Comic Con is this weekend. Bleeding Cool will be there in a family affair, me, my nephew Toby Johnston and my brother (and Toby’s father) Edi Johnston. Nepotism uber alles.

Titan Comics will also be there, with former Bleeding Cool writer Chris Thompson leading the charge with these three panels.

Anyone fancy asking the Gaming panel what happened with the Diablo comics? Or will you risk being blasted from the earth as Titan have tried to do with any mention of that project?

Here’s what Titan Comics will be up to at the show…

Sunday // 3:15PM // Comic Stage

Get ready for a little timey-wimey goodness as the creators and editors behind Titan Comics’ fan-favourite Doctor Who comics look back at the rich history of the franchise while keeping their eyes firmly set on the future. Join Titan Comics brand manager Chris Thompson as he chats with editors Andrew James and Jonathan Stevenson, and , Emma Vieceli, Sarah Graley, Jessica Martin and James Peaty for a panel that can only be described as ‘brilliant!’

Moderator: Chris Thompson
Panelists: Andrew James, Jonathan Stevenson, Emma Vieceli, Sarah Graley, Jessica Martin, James Peaty

Saturday // 5:15PM // Comic Stage

As fans clamour for further adventures of their favourite characters and worlds, more and more video games are making the leap to the comics page. In this special spotlight panel, Titan Comics brand manager Chris Thompson chats with creators Alex Paknadel (Assassin’s Creed), Caspar Wijngaard (Assassin’s Creed), Dan Watters (Wolfenstein, Assassin’s Creed), Emma Vieceli (Life Is Strange), Ram V (Quake Champions) and Ryan O’Sullivan (Dark Souls, Evil Within) about their experiences in bringing these exciting franchises to life.

Moderator: Chris Thompson
Panelists: Alex Paknadel, Caspar Wijngaard, Dan Watters, Emma Vieceli, Ram V, Ryan O’Sullivan.

Saturday // 1PM // Comic Stage

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of those literary steampunk detectives, Newbury & Hobbes, Titan Comics have released a brand new comic series written by George Mann and based on his successful novel series. Join George, alongside artist Dan Boultwood and cover artist Christian Wildgoose, as they discuss the origins of this beloved series and why now was the right time to bring them into the comics world.

Moderator: Chris Thompson
Panelists: George Mann, Dan Boultwood

See you there? If you haven’t made plans, you’d better get a shift on.

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