Warren Ellis Tells You What to Expect in Castlevania Season 2 From Netflix

The second season Netflix’s animated adaptation of the Castlevania video game – which Kieron Gillen blanked and called ‘Vampire Jump Game’ in this Thought Bubble interview with the show’s sole writer and co-producer  Warren Ellis drops in four days.

Warren has been preparing the way on his mailing list, which you can join right here if you want. He’ll be talking about it lots on Sunday, but he teased us yesterday saying

It is, in many ways, not like season 1.  There is, for instance, space for people to have conversations. There is more than one plotline. The last two episodes are so visually complex that they almost killed all the animators, and they did not love me for a long time. I expect there will be a lot of bad reviews because it’s not as breathless as season 1. It’s a different thing.

Also it’s made a lot of people cry.  (Leila, I am so sorry you watched it on the plane without me warning you first.  The director almost dehydrated himself twice that I know of. Hi, Sam. Sorry, man.)

The animators have knocked it out of the park, Trevor Morris has produced a wonderful score, and the actors have not only surprised and amazed me but also made me sound ten times better than I actually am.  This obviously includes our core cast of Richard Armitage, Alejandra Reynoso, James Callis and Graham McTavish.

But also, since IMDB have released the cast list, Jaime Murray, Ade M’Cormack, Theo James and Peter Stormare.  And I wrote that part with Peter’s voice in my head and if he hadn’t agreed to do it I would have been f——cked.

Which is a great reason to bring out this video of Peter Stormare’s many, many movie deaths…


Will Vampire Jump Game Season 2 add another to this montage? Find out in four days….

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