Will Bunker Come to Titans TV Season 2?

Bunker was a character created by Scott Lobdell and Brett Booth for the Teen Titans comic, as part of the DC New 52 Reboot. A teenage superhero, able to create brick-like structures around him.

He hasn’t appeared of late, but Heroes In Crisis writer Tom King made a point of excluding him from the death toll for that event. As in, he didn’t want to kill off DC’s only gay Latino character.

And looks like that may have been fortuitous timing. Talking to TVLine, Titans producer Geoff Johns answered as to whether you may see any LGBT characters in the second season,

“Of course… There’s one Titan that already is gay, that we’ve talked about bringing on — probably next season.”

That would, basically, be Bunker. Could he be getting a bigger profile in 2019?

His first appearance was in Teen Titans #4 in 2011, speculators. Currently selling on eBay for $4 or less.

And maybe a bigger profile for Scott Lobdell. He may not have written Happy Death Day 2U, but he is prominently namechecked in the trailer with ‘Characters Created By..’. And he even saw his Happy Death Day slasher character….

…made into a Garbage Pail Kid.

After that, who needs a character on the Titans TV show?



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