Dauntless Reveals its New Riftstalker Behemoth and Dark Harvest Event

Phoneix Labs has finally revealed the first details on Dauntless‘s new Behemoth, the Riftstalker. While not released just yet, the Riftstalker behemoth will emerge on the Shattered Isles soon as part of the Dark Harvest in-game Halloween event. The event is live as of today and will run through November 1st, but the Riftstalker is slowly meandering his way into the festivities, so he isn’t there just yet. That said, players will still be able to hunt the Riftstalker even after the event is over.

You can find more details on the Riftstalker here, but the basics are below.

The Riftstalker is a new umbral Behemoth that blends cat, bat, and extreme speed into an encounter unlike any other we’ve created. Its name, “Riftstalker,” comes from its ability to open and move through umbral rifts – dark, swirling portals to another dimension.

But the Riftstalker doesn’t just move through rifts. It can also drag its prey through them – into the dark dimension it calls home. Make it out of there alive and you might just live to see Ramsgate again.

You may be tempted to run away from the Riftstalker’s umbral portals, but you don’t have the choice to flee anymore. Phoenix Labs aren’t giving us the option to run away from this one, which is rather fitting actually.

And, as usual, the new Behemoth means new armor and weapons, and damn is the Riftstalker gear kind of sweet.

While the Riftstalker is the big bit of content coming to the game, the behemoth isn’t quite here yet. However, the Dark Harvest event is already descending on the hub city Ramsgate. If you log into Dauntless during the event, you’ll find the hub shrouded in a deep, unrelenting darkness. It’ll also be crawling with a new cult called the Unseen. So there’s a nifty little holiday mystery for you to unravel even when you aren’t out stalking behemoths.

So that gives players quite a bit of stuff to keep them busy in-game until the next update to Dauntless rolls out.

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