Will Talia al Ghul Make Brian Bendis’s Leviathan a Superman and Batman Crossover?

It often takes a week or so for gossip to travel from the bars of New York Comic Con to my ears at Bleeding Cool. And so it seems again.

We ran an article a few weeks ago after noting that a certain pitch for something called Leviathan by Brian Bendis was used as an Easter Egg in Action Comics #1003.

Two days later, Bendis told Newsarama,

Yeah, there’s a couple things that Dan DiDio has pointed at and said, hey, what do you think of that? And one of those ideas is actually going to be my second arc of Action Comics. It’s something we were cooking with Checkmate, Spyral and Leviathan. So we’ll be dealing with that going into the first year as well.

Three days later, CBR totally coincidentally also noticed what we had. The day after that, so did Comics Beat.

Here’s what it seems to say…



Story idea discussion document by Brian Michael Bendis

Creative team Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev.


Starting in Action Comics #1007 it is revealed that something or someone [BLANK] taking out ALL the secret organizations in the DC Universe. First the dangerous Kobra Kult, then [BLANK} then the DEO, and so on.

Clark Kent, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen uncover and discover [BLANK] behind this… it[BLANK] organization LEVIATHAN [BLANK} good lord, then [BLANK] grown LARGER AND MORE  [BLANK]sing all of th[BLANK] of the other organizations [BLANK] More powerful [BLANK] the Justice League or Superman can handle.

But the [BLANK] will discover that [BLANK] it is a person.


A question [BLANK] DC Universe



Well, at New York Comic Con I heard of bar gossip of other creators moaning about what they had to do, to change, to fit in with Leviathan, which it seems will impact on not just the Superman books but also the Batman books, making it a proper DC Universe event.

We’ll see what that means in the telling. Leviathan was a Grant Morrison-created criminal international organisation for the Batman comics who have a penchant for creating surgically and genetically altered super-humans and also brainwashing people for their cause, revealed as part of Talia Al Ghul’s machinations.

Could Leviathan be destroying and taking over Checkmate, Spyral and the rest? Does that explain the arrival of Talia into Action Comics as well? What about the Red Cloud’s organisation in Metropolis hiding under Superman’s very eyes?

First, we seem to have a pitch from the series writer Brian Bendis for a Leviathan comic book, that would be the criminal international organisation introduced by Grant Morrison.who have a penchant for creating surgically and genetically altered super-humans and also brainwashing people for their cause.

Action Comics #1007 by Brian Bendis and Alex Maleev will be published in January. I guess we will get more details then.

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