Jeffery Katzenberg's Quibi Green Lights Series From Guillermo del Toro, Jason Blum, and More

Jeffery Katzenberg’s Quibi Green Lights Series From Guillermo del Toro, Jason Blum, and More

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Quibi, yet another entry into the mobile TV/streaming service space, has ordered new two-four hour series from some of the biggest producer’s in Hollywood. Jason Blum, Guillermo del Toro, Sam Raimi, and Antoine Fuqua are all tapped to be producing content for the new service. Quibi is short for “quick bites” and aims to provide short, quick videos for people to consume as part of their everyday lives. Each video “chapter” will run under 10 minutes. Jeffery Katzenberg and partner Meg Whitman have already raised over $1 billion dollars for the venture, and hope to launch the service late 2019, early 2020.

Some of the content has been detailed already as well. Blum’s series is titled Wolves and Villagers, and is described as being “Fatal Attraction 2.0”. Raimi is developing a series titled 50 States of Fear, which will focus on different folklore from each of the 50 states. Fuqua is casting for his series, a modern take on Dog Day Afternoon, which in his hands could be incredible. Mum is the word on del Toro’s projects, but the man has so many ideas bouncing around in that brain of his that one can only imagine what he could do with this kind of format.

The Quibi service is going to cost as well. Users will choose between an $8 option for ad free content, and $5 a month for content with ads. Seems like a lot, but for original content maybe not crazy.

No word on any kind of casting for these properties yet, but Fuqua is looking for two “A-listers to carry the project” and we know the caliber talent that the other names can bring to the table. This has a legitimate chance to change things going forward, and

With support already from studios like Disney and Warner Media, you can bet that as a lunch gets closer, eyeballs will follow.


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