Swamp Thing Gets Its Own Walmart Folder

Courtesy of Bleeding Cool’s Senior Walmart Correspondent Ian Melton, a look at the Swamp Thing Hallowe’en 100 Page Giant Special which hit Walmarts this weekend… and it has its own cardboard folder.

Quick, to eBay… it is currently selling for up to $17 there.

I wonder what the first appearance of the new Ginny Hex will do for Walmart’s Giant-Sized Batman #4?

Maybe one day they’ll sell these in the UK’s Asda, owned by Walmart?

Hollow” is a 12-page story by Brian Azzarello and Greg Capullo appearing in the Swamp Thing Halloween 100 Page Giant Special appearing in Walmarts in the USA this week.

Children can’t help but be curious about what lurks in the woods at the edge of town on Halloween night…and unfortunately for them, this group of trick-or-treaters has crossed paths with a mysterious witch who has her own tale to tell about where curiosity leads—directly into the path of the creature known only as Swamp Thing! Can they escape her clutches? Or is there something much worse out there that they should REALLY fear?

And here are four of those twelve pages…

It also includes HOUSE OF SECRETS #92 from 1971, which features Swamp Thing’s very first appearance, written and drawn by co-creators Len Wein (writer) and Bernie Wrightson (artist). 1971’s “Night of the Reaper,” from BATMAN #237, features two more giants of superhero storytelling, writer Denny O’Neil and artist Neal Adams, telling a Halloween tale of revenge and the search for a Nazi war criminal.

2007’s DC INFINITE HALLOWEEN SPECIAL also contributes to this issue, with stories featuring DC heroes Superman (“Strange Cargo”), Blue Devil and Enchantress (“The Pumpkin Sinister”) and Zatanna (“Kcirt ro Taert”). The book also reprints a Batman tale from the 2008 DC INFINITE HALLOWEEN SPECIAL, “The Ballad of Jonathan Crane,” as well as “Night Gods” from 2010’s THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD, starring Aquaman and the Demon.

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