PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Community Vent Over Region Locking

The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds community has a problem these days, and it doesn’t seem to matter which side gets their way, there are no winners. Ever since the game was launched, there have been cheaters. Rampant cheaters. And it’s no secret in PUBG forums that the majority of them come from China and South Korea. There’s a simple solution to this that PUBG Corp. has been avoiding because of the large playerbase, and that was to region lock their system across the board and prevent people from other countries from getting into servers with non-cheaters (or at the very least cut the chances of being bombarded by cheaters down).

credit//PUBG Corps.

Well, the cries of angry servers were heard as the company instituted a regional lock on every gaming territory, and wouldn’t you know it, now everyone’s mad there’s a region lock. Turns out when you lock people by region, you force certain countries to play in servers they don’t want to play in, like Australians now lumped into the Pacific region with most of the cheaters. You can read the complete vitriol on Steam and Reddit, but the reality is that until PUBG Corp. does something to make the servers selective and cracks down on anti-cheating programs, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will always have a cheating problem.

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