A Look Ahead at Doomsday Clock #10 Covers From New York Comic Con

A Look Ahead at Doomsday Clock #10 Covers From New York Comic Con

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At New York Comic Con today, Geoff Johns showed off covers for Doomsday Clock #10, due for publication in March. One that refers to the Nathaniel Dusk murders, related to the TV show that Johnny Thunder was watching in the retirement home, and that Dr Manhattan is somehow involved with…

And a kid reading All Star Comics #3, the first appearance of the Justice Society of America, the original conglomerate team book that would inspire the Justice League Of America decades hence.

The only things he said about Doomsday Clock is that Manhattan seeking answers about his future and we’ll be seeing more of how he tampered with the DC universe. Might his intent not to be punched by Superman lead him to change the past and the moments that led Superman there? It would suggest why he is involved with Jor-El, Thomas Wayne and the like…

This is what Doomsday Clock #9 in January will be looking like…

Man, is everyone else going to be as naked as Dr Manhattan now? They should take a leaf out of Batman Damned’s pages…

Thanks to Octavio Karbank from the Geoff Johns panel at New York Comic-Con

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