Todd McFarlane Draws a New Michael Myers Halloween Poster for NYCC

Todd McFarlane Draws a New Michael Myers Halloween Poster for NYCC

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Todd McFarlane has gone and done something spectacular. For this weekend’s NYCC, he has drawn an exclusive poster for the new Halloween film, and if it is anything like this year at SDCC, it will be fun to get. The poster is all black and white, featuring Michael Myers and his creepy face, staring back at us with that blank expression and the blackest of eyes. Check it out below:

Todd McFarlane Halloween NYCC Poster

Do you want to get one? They will be giving these out all around New York City this weekend. My guess is that it is like the Bizz Sienkiewicz poster from SDCC, where the Halloween Twitter account tweets a location that Michael Myers is at and you have to go find him to get one. I ran for blocks to get it, but I did. Trust me, it is worth it.

The film takes place 40 years after the events of that fateful Halloween night that Michael came home in 1978. Since then, Michael is now in an asylum. A British film crew decides to do a documentary on his exploits, and wouldn’t you know it, he escapes. Getting ahold of his iconic mask, he makes a beeline for Haddonfield to finish the job. What he does not know is that Laurie (the returning Jamie Lee Curtis) has been prepping for this confrontation as well. The two will face off for what may or may not be the last time where it all began.

I guess the only thing left to ask is: grab me one?

Halloween opens in theaters on October 19th.

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