DC Comics Makes Wonder Woman Omnibus Returnable Over Price Increase - But Should They?

DC Comics Makes Wonder Woman Omnibus Returnable Over Price Increase – But Should They?

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The price on Wonder Woman: Diana Price: The 50th Anniversary Omnibus was solicited at $99.99 Since then it has increased in price to $125 and so comic book retailers will have to pay a higher price for each copy.

As a result, DC Comics will make the book returnable at a later date.

Is that wise? Would it not make more economic sense for DC Comics to just eat the price difference between what it was solicited at and what it should be?

Retailers hate full copy returns, especially for something so large, because these things are so cumbersome to pack and ship – and that’s assuming DC reimburses postage.

On the other hand, stripped cover returns mean DC can’t resell anything and the market is flooded with coverless books that eat into potential sales. Yes, that isn’t allowed, the copies are meant to be destroyed, but it is what happens.

Is it worth the added $25 a book (minus retailer discount) to go through all that? And waste so many trees?

Maybe someone can ask at the Diamond Retailer Breakfast meet at New York Comic Con.

(W) Dennis O’Neil, Mike Sekowsky (A) Mike Sekowsky (A/CA) Dick Giordano
In these stories from the late 1960s, Wonder Woman leaves her superpowers behind to become an ultra-mod, globe-trotting secret agent. With a new costume and a new attitude, Wonder Woman fights crime like never before! As secret agent Diana Prince, she takes on international crime with the help of her new mentor, the mysterious I Ching.  Collects WONDER WOMAN #178-204, THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #87 and 105, SUPERMAN’S GIRL FRIEND LOIS LANE #93 and WORLD’S FINEST COMICS #204.In Shops: Dec 05, 2018

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