When Joe Quesada Talked to ComicsGate's Jon Malin, Ethan Van Sciver and Richard Meyer

When Joe Quesada Talked to ComicsGate’s Jon Malin, Ethan Van Sciver and Richard Meyer

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After Marvel Comics Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada talked on Twitter about how he broke into comic books off the street, and a vague sidebar about his mullet back in the day, he decided to tackle some of the Comicsgate narratives directly.

And replying to tweets now deleted, said,

I’m going to suggest that is Ike Perlmutter, one of Donald Trump’s biggest donors, friend, advisor and part of the Trump administration.

Back to the Soapbo etreme tweet…

At which point, one of the central Comcisgate figures, Jon Malin wanted to talk about Robbi Rodriguez flashing Ethan Van Sciver on Twitter, images that have now been retweeted by Comicsgaters thousands of more times that Robbi’s original.

If it’s not clear, he’s talking about Richard Meyer.

Time for comic book inker and Comcisgater Mike Miller to join in,

And then Richard himself turned up.

More ComicsGate figures came to the fray.

Conspiracies were in play again…

As to working with Meyer…

Then it was time for the following day….

But it was soon back to normal.

And then it got really political.

With Jon Malin refusing to answer the question asked of him, he got a little cosplayer help…

And so it was time for Ethan Van Sciver to step in. I think we have the set now?

But Richard suddenly deleted that tweet…

And that one…

But Richard was back.

Ethan was back…

And that was it… for now. But Joe had a few botes from his peers…

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