Chicken Pox Alert From Dragon*Con Artists Alley

Third Half Studios, the creation of Lori Kishlar and Sarah Marks, produce hand-made products featuring what they describe as their ‘darling but subversive characters’. Such as Zombie Park, Bad Woods and Briny Deep.

They were exhibiting at Dragon*Con in Atlanta this past weekend. And that may be the issue. They write on Facebook,

This is an actual unfunny important announcement I need to make for anyone who interacted with me at my booth at Dragon Con.
This past Saturday I came down with obvious symptoms of Chicken pox. The incubation period is 10-14 days after exposure. I loaded in mid day Thursday so I do not know if I was exposed at D.C. Or exposed the weekend prior at Grant Park. Either way, if you interacted with me at D.C. you were exposed too.

I want to say a few things up front, I am normally meticulous about not being around people when I am sick and the idea that I have exposed fans to this is mortifying on a scale that I am not sure I can convey. I sincerely apologize if I have made anyone sick. I had no symptoms and had no idea, but I feel an apology is in order regardless.

The reason I have chicken pox is because I never caught it as a child even though I was exposed and for about a decade I was unable to get the vaccine because of a medical condition. After that condition was no longer an issue, I honestly forgot. The doctors office doesn’t offer it, unless you ask and I didn’t which was a failure on my part.

Yes I have reported it since I exposed people to this illness likely in the thousands. I reported it to the urgent care facility, along with where I got it and the groups I exposed. They should report it to the CDC, but I have also taken that step myself just in case they didn’t.

Allow me to apologize again.

Thank you for your attention.

I feel like I have a mild cold, but my face is currently paying for my sins.

Anyone who attended Dragon*Con who is not immunised against chicken pox and has symptoms consistent with early stages of chicken pox is advised to seek medical attention.

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