What Do You Get If You Cross Wolverine With Emma Frost? - Infinity Wars #3

What Do You Get If You Cross Wolverine With Emma Frost? – Infinity Wars #3

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Infinity Wars #3 has been introducing the Infinity Warps. Smooshed together versions of Marvel Universe characters. As we guessed, the result of the Infinity Stones being used to reduce the population of the universe by half, as is traditional, via a method that is not. With Loki on Gamora’s shoulder…

And seemingly for expedience rather than any grand plan.

And while we know of a number of those warped together already…

There are a couple of newcomers. One who should be familiar.

And one less so.

And the realisation that a whole new history has now been created.

Could this be Professor Erskine warped together with… Morgan Le Fey?

Still there are plenty of other players… playing.

Can anyone else hear someone singing ‘born and bred in the bramble bush’ at this point?

(W) Gerry Duggan (A/CA) Mike Deodato
With Requiem tearing through the Marvel Universe, Loki whispering around its fringes and a new threat looming to devour everything, the very fabric of reality warps around the heroes of Earth… and the only way through winds through infinity itself! Rated T+In Shops: Sep 12, 2018 SRP: $4.99

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