Twisted Metal Meets Hockey: We Tried Mad Machines at PAX West

Tucked away in the annex of PAX West was an appointment we almost missed as we got a preview of Mad Machines. Seriously, in all our years going to PAX, we never knew there was an annex or how to get to it, the map is seriously misleading. This is basically what would happen if we had the Twisted Metal series make a hockey title, as you play as different types of robots facing off against each other in a roller version of the game. There’s a little bit of the old NES Hockey title here too, as you can pick from three different types of robots. One that’s smaller and quick, one medium sized that’s balanced, and one bigger bot that’s slow.

credit//Hero Blocks ApS

Each bot comes with their own advantages and disadvantages as you will magnetize yourself to the ball int he middle and attempt to score on the other team. We faced off against a dev in a couple of 1-on-1 matches, but we were told there are multiplayer matches with full teams that will be available at launch. This falls into the kind of dumb fun sports category that we don’t see too often where there is some strategy involved, but for the most part, you can turn your brain off and just play. Hopefully, we’ll see Mad Machines released sometime soon.

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