Amazon Knocks Impulse Omnibus Off The Schedule

UPDATE: This story has both a further confirmation and a detailed explanation over here. The original article runs below.

The return of a certain Flash figure in Flash #50 set Flash fans all of a buzz. Impulse was coming back, the character created by Mark Waid and Humberto Ramos had been deleted from continuity but now, as a result of all of Barry Allen and Wally West’s mucking around in time and reality, he had been summoned from limbo.

flash #50 bart allen

And it coincided with a November release of the Impulse Omnibus, collecting the first 27 issues of his own series and several flash issues as well.

And while the listing can still be seen on scheduled for November, on it has been cancelled, with the scheduling knocked forward to decades away, to preserve the listing. The original version can still be seen om Google cache.

We’ve already had knocked out of the Christmas market from December into January, is this a double blow for high-ticket Flash Christmas gifts?

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