Jammin’ Logs with Log Jammers at PAX West! You Heard Me!

One of the cooler visits we had at PAX West was checking out the game from Mega Cat Studios, such as Log Jammers. It also helped that they had a couch for us to sit on, which is a sticking point for us when it comes to developers. Bring chairs! Anyway, if Log Jammers looks a little familiar, it should, as the game plays a little bit like Windjammers. You’ll choose from one of a few different characters and play against each other in a top-to-bottom court where you’ll chuck logs across to each other in an attempt to score points by hitting the wall behind you.

It was really cool to play this game on an actual NES console at the venue and learned that the devs were among a few who had to seek out some old-school TV sets to play the games on. Because you need that authenticity. If you’re an old-school gamer who owns an original or a retro console, Log Jammers is a perfect choice for you. You can currently download a free demo or buy an actual physical copy of the game off their website for $40.

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